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  • Abilene State Supported Living Center
  • 2501 Maple Street, Abilene, Texas  79602         325-692-4053 (facility)
    325-795-3298 (Dr. Griffith-Dentist)  400+ patients, use Plak-Vac on 100+ patients with VERY GOOD results!
  • Lower Fairfield Center
  • 146 Silvermine Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06850-2032

    Contact: Elaine Colangelo   email: , 203- 642-5023, around 4pm on Mon and Fri

    State facility for severely retarded, used especially on ones that have tube feeding.

    Elaine states that it’s all she can use on some of her patients!

  • Motor Neuron Disease Association, MND Association, PO Box 246, Northampton NN1 2PR

    Telephone: 08457 626262

    Email: mndconnect@mndassociation.orgWebsite:

    Recommends the Plak-Vac for patients with swallowing problems (dysphagia) and oral muscle control problems.

  • Edward Kasarskis, MD, PhD is Director of the University of Kentucky ALS Multidisciplinary Clinic at Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, professor in the Department of Neurology at the University of Kentucky, and Chief of Neurology at the VA Medical Center in Lexington KY. 


    Recommends Plak-vac in a question/answer interview:

    Q:  I have bulbar ALS and am troubled by an enormous amount of thick saliva in my mouth. I am using Robinul, but it doesn’t do much, and the TransDerm Scop patch didn’t help either. Mouthwashes are difficult for me to use because I can’t swish them around or spit the fluid out, since my lip muscles are weak. What else can I try?


    Dr. Kasarskis:  “Dealing with excess saliva can be a very frustrating problem and is quite common.  It can be challenging indeed. People with ALS produce the same amount of saliva as do people without the disease. But people who have trouble swallowing eventually have difficulty swallowing their own saliva. Those of us who swallow normally are regularly swallowing our saliva without even being aware of it.  When the ability to swallow is compromised by muscle weakness, saliva builds up and causes problems like drooling or even choking. This is only made worse when the facial and lip muscles are weak, as you note.”


     “Oral suction devices: A low-tech solution, these devices, typically used in the hospital setting, help you remove the excess saliva as it builds up (and can also be used for oral hygiene).  A further refinement for oral hygiene is the Plak-Vac toothbrush. The Plak-Vac is used primarily when brushing the teeth to remove excess secretions during the process."

    Per Amber Walters at

  • Laura Purcell Verdun, M.A., CCC/SLP, Otolaryngology Associates, P.C., Fairfax, VA & Gallaudet University, Washington, DC.  She recommends the Plak-Vac for oral hygiene for patients with PSP & CBD (swallowing problems, neuromuscular, etc.) .  
  • MDA, Muscular Dystrophy Association: Recommends the Plak-Vac in the January/February 2011 issue of the MDA/ALS News Magazine.  Article name:  Keeping It Clean:  Toothbrushing Tips

    By Miriam Davidson, created 01-01-2011, Article suggests the Plak-Vac when giving toothbrushing tips to those with muscular dystrophy or ALS.

  • Resource list for: Prevention High-Risk Caries Patient, ADA 2010

           Randy F. Huffines, DDS     phone 423.979.3494 , More resources and patient handouts available at

  , Dr. Huffines has no financial interest in any of the products or companies listed:

           Recommends Plak-Vac for the elderly that can't brush their own teeth.

  • December 2010:
  • Nancy K. Myers RN, Clinician                     

    Iowa Veterans Home,  1301 Summit,  Marshalltown, Iowa  50158

    Phone #: 641-753-4363  Ext: 2740          Email:

    We have used the Plak-Vac suction toothbrush here at the Veterans Home for years, we have used it successfully, and it is an asset for residents who can no longer get rid of secretions or able to brush their teeth.  It’s a help against aspirating secretions as well.








































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