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About Us... "In their time of need...we can help!"

We are Prince Dental Marketing & Sales, LLC.  Our main product is the Plak-Vac, the only suction toothbrush made for long-term care. It's reusable like a regular brush; removes plaque as it helps prevent aspiration. 

We exist to help those who cannot help the elderly with dementia, as well as, all ages of people disabled by disease or accidents. If they can't swallow properly (dysphagia), can't spit (expectorate), or just can't get up to go to a sink and brush...we have what it takes to get the job done!

Look over the presentation or call us; we'll go thru it together.  We help you figure out how to help the patient prevent oral health problems that can be very painful and that can lead to more serious health issues and even death.  Infections in the gums & teeth spread through the bloodstream; so helping heal present infections is vital, as well as, preventing future problems.   

Call us today...we can help!