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We are an oral health care company representing the Plak-Vac, the only suction toothbrush made for long-term care. It's reusable like a regular brush but removes plaque as it helps prevent aspiration. Our company represents the manufacturer, Trademark Medical. We handle marketing and education to long-term care facilities, home care agencies and their suppliers.  We offer good educational inservice for caregivers. Please see "About US", "Reviews", and the presentation and documents to the right

 Plak-Vac with Res-Q-Vac   

(Plak-Vac attached to a hand operated suction machine-optional, also attaches to wall suction or portable electric suction machines.)

Please submit your contact info. for additional information, ordering, or personalized oral care recommendations to:


  • Every $10 donated goes to a patient that can't afford the Plak-Vac Starter Kit, shipping included--courtesy of Prince Dental!  
  • Please specify a patient or facility to recieve the donated kit/kits to the e-mail listed above, include name & address.  God Bless!   

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